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Onsite50 and Onsite75

Decatur's Onsite50 pole mounted speed display from Littlewood HireDecatur's Onsite75 pole mounted speed display from Littlewood HireStatic Pole Mounted Speed Warning Signs

Designed to mount on a metal or wooden pole between 55 and 225mm diameter, the Onsite50 and Onsite75 are static speed detection and warning signs. The Onsite75 has basically the same specification as the Onsite50 except that it has the addition of solar power for charging the battery power supply.

Ideal for encouraging drivers to slow down where there are potential hazards such as around schools, where there are elderly or infirm people crossing, where children play adjacent to the roads, where there is a mixture of traffic types, in large car parks, on industrial estates, or for long term road or building works where a temporary sign is inappropriate.

For a detailed specification of the Onsite75, download here - Brochure and Technical Specification

Decatur's Speedspy data recorder from Littlewood HireSpeedspy

Stationary Mounted Speed Data Recording

The unobtrusive, nondescript SpeedSpy collects traffic data using Decatur Electronics radar and EZ-Stat data logger.
Unlike the rest of Decatur's speed tools, the SpeedSpy is designed not to be noticed, so the traffic data you collect is unaffected and you get a picture of unenforced traffic patterns..

For a specification of Speedspy / EZ Stat, see the Decatur Electronics site download here - Brochure.

Decatur's Railmaster radar gun from Littlewood HireRailmaster

Hand held Radar Gun for Railway Speed Management

This hand held or tripod mounted unit is an adaptation of the radar speed gun specifically for use on railways. It has two ranges, one for low speed applications such as marshalling yards and one for high speed applications.
For a detailed specification of the Railmaster, download here - Overview, Technical Specification

Decatur's Scout hand held radar gun for vehicle speed monitoring from Littlewood HireScout

Hand held Radar Speed Gun for Road Traffic Speed Management

This hand held or tripod mounted unit is battery operated for maximum flexibility and portability. It can be operated or recharged from a vehicle's 12v supply.
For a detailed specification of the Scout, download here - Overview, Technical Specification, Quick Start Guide

Surface Velocity Radar Gun Surface Velocity Radar (SVR)

A radar gun specifically for measuring the surface velocity of water, for example river flow speed.

Our device enables the user to measure surface velocity from a stationary position on the river bank or bridge. It provides provision for automatic correction the angle at which the unit is pointed to the water flow.

Service and calibration

We can maintain your equipment in our test & certification laboratory.

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